Two Wretched Souls On The Edge Of Memory

I am so far gone, I’m truly surprised you recognise me.

Your face has melted before my eyes

And reformed amid a mismatch of scars

And tears pouring out from under your eyelids.

We have no use for wretched and wicked

Bodies like ours – and we only wish to close our eyes

For the once and final time.


I know.


I know how you feel

Like everything you ever care about or ever will

Has escaped you,

Sinking and sloshing and slowly fading away around you

And me


Until it blurs

From the farthest reaches of your peripheral vision

And what seems like the end of the sky to me.

We are on the brink of memory,

At least forgiven before we went,

But now forgotten.


I have lost myself like you have lost yourself;

We are two sightless beings in a soundless stretch of plane, plain earth.

You cannot remember me, and I am not remembered

By anyone at all.


I tried to make myself invisible

But nothing is romantic about falling from so high.

I am not an angel,

It’s just that Hell is in the sky.


We can’t stitch up these wounds,

And for the last time,

No one can mend the mind

Once it has been broken so,

Shredded by our realities and the things we’ve seen

Passing right before our eyes and only stopping to be recorded.


Other’s eyes are burnt onto our inner eyes,

And we cannot dream for fear of watching them

Lose all hope again,


And again,

For the rest of our time.

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