Finding Myself In The Language Of Mathematics

I am not a sine curve;

I did not start this tumultuous journey

From the point of zero;

I was never nothingness.

I am an expression full of substitutions,

Filling in and filling up

And exploding off into every direction

Ever imagined.

I am every permutation

Of the atoms I consist of

And every combination

Of every star in the

Tiny slit of the universe

Visible to me.

I am infinite, brought into being

Because of the universe’s existence

As a Mobïus strip;

Whichever meandering path I have

Embarked on will eventually bring

Me back again.

I am what exists between 2 and 3,

Your average infinity which

Can be halved and halved


I am comprised

Of everything;

I exist in twists

And turns

And tessellations,

Folding out

And out and


I am an asymptote;

Always extending,

Forever approaching,

Never reaching.

I wish I could live and love

In a symbiotic relationship,

But I need help to control

The amplitude of my emotions,

So I substitute the whims

Of being sixteen for therapy.

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