Ode To An Imaginary Child

Be braver than me, little sparrow.

Let your eyes open and sop in the beautiful,

Horrific contrast in this dank, dark world.

You have more than I ever did;

You have the power of an unbleached mind –

Unaffected by the surging currents of society.

You know not what opinions are deemed acceptable,

You do not try to slither your body into a mould that has a

Smaller waist, thinner thighs, bigger breasts;

You do not yet wish to shed your skin.


I wish there were more to tell you

About the good that lies within

Each and every person you will ever meet.

No one can ever be purely evil.

Search for something more, darling,

Within everyone and everything.


You deserve so much more.

Look out for the body alone with a book,

Gently lift their chin from their chest, and their

Nose from between the pages and

Kiss them on the cheek.


You are a Queen,

And you have so much to bring

To the world just waiting to see you stir.

You are a bubble of potential


But not everyone

Will leave your heart

Intact, and in fact, even I will probably

Break your heart someday.

So right now,

I’ll leave you alone my dear,

So that you can better

Judge exactly who

The bastards are.

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